Online learning has always been in existence, but the COVID pandemic necessitated a more digitalized learning system. As a result, most learning materials have become digitized across the board.


The change in the education system has made the need to use a PDF editor paramount. Knowing how to use PDF tools online will make being ahead of your studies much more straightforward. PDF tools will help you put your learning materials in the order that best suits you.


In this article, you will learn why you need to combine PDFs and the tools needed to achieve this.

Why do you need to combine PDFs?

Merging your documents with solid PDF tools creates a clutter-free studying experience. Here are other reasons to combine your PDFs.

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Makes things more accessible

Combining your PDF files makes it easy to skim through your study material. When you combine multiple study materials relating to one course or topic into a single PDF file, you can easily access all the information you need concerning that topic/course. You no longer have to keep going back and forth with multiple PDFs; you have all you need in a single file.


You can also edit PDF pages online to create a more personalized document. You can easily arrange the pages of your document to suit your preference.

Saves time

Studying does not have to be as time-consuming as it used to be; save the time it would take you to gather all your study materials by combining them into one PDF file.

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Combining your PDF files into one with a tool that can correct PDF online saves you the time it would have taken to search, find and organize your study materials. You do not have to deal with stacks of papers or irrelevant information because you already have personalized study material.

Organizes your filing system

Combining your study materials with an online PDF downloader into one file will leave your Google Drive or Dropbox clutter-free. It will also enable you to design a more manageable structure for storing and swiftly accessing files. If you put all essential files in one place, you won’t have to worry about forgetting important information because one tiny file got lost in another folder.

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Saves space on your device

One of the most prominent features of combining your PDF files is the amount of storage space it can help you save on your device. Using a tool that can redact online to combine many PDF files into one will help you avoid wasting valuable storage space on your computer.


Clearing up storage space and keeping lesser files open at once will speed up your device and prevent irritating lag time. As a result, you can enjoy a smooth user experience on your device.

5 tools for combining PDFs

Here are the PDF mergers:

Lumin PDF

Lumin PDF is an online document editor that allows you to work on PDF files securely. This tool enables users to redact PDF online using advanced features. With Lumin PDF, you can easily combine your PDF files and arrange the pages to your specification. You can also share files with your team members for easy collaboration.

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Another reason why Lumin PDF is one of the best PDF tools to merge your files is because it works well with Google Apps. You can open your files with Lumin PDF directly from your Google Drive or Docs.

PDF Candy

PDF Candy is one of the best PDF editors because it offers an OCR feature for scanning text. This feature enables you to scan paper-type documents and convert them to PDFs. This document could be a page from your textbook or a note you took in class.


PDF Candy also makes it easy to have all your study material in one file. You can also use it to rearrange pages within a document, add watermarks, protect PDF files, repair corrupted PDF, extract images, and split or add pages to documents. You can choose from 44 custom PDF editing tools to create or convert PDFs.

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SmallPDF is one of the free online tools for edit PDF. It is a web-based PDF editor with a simplified user interface designed to make it easy for you to perform document edits, such as merging documents. This PDF editor enables you to add text, highlight, and fill out PDF forms.


This PDF editor guarantees 100% safety for your data. Since it is a web-based tool, you can edit PDFs online from your mobile device. With SmallPDF, you can merge your documents either by single files or by pages. You can use the paid version to access advanced features.


iLovePDF is a PDF file creator that focuses on getting the basics right, such as merging documents. This editor contains an advanced tool suite that targets users with complex editing needs like PDF repairing and watermarking.

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iLovePDF is easily accessible because you can link it with your Dropbox and Google Drive accounts and edit your documents without switching browser tabs. The online app lets you add new text to a PDF document and play around with the size, color, and font.


But if you want more features, you can sign up for a student-friendly monthly plan for the advanced desktop software.

PDF Merge

PDF Merge lets you effortlessly combine PDF files as it was built specifically for this purpose. The clutter-free interface provides a seamless user experience, and this online redaction tool has tutorials on how to use its features. This feature alone makes it the perfect choice for beginners.

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PDF merge is associated with Soda PDF, tasked with carrying out the same functions. Merging your file with PDF merge free mode has a downside as you cannot edit files over 10 megabytes. Another downside to this software is that you can only complete your PDF change online one task at a time.


Nowadays, efficiency must be sought out everywhere possible. And, with so many online tools available to make the process easier, why not make the most of them? Your academic life can be much easier when you redact PDF free by combining your study materials into a single main document. Combining multiple files enables you to evaluate and store your documents more quickly while ensuring that nothing crucial is missed.

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