Some of the more flexible rules, bars, and shops will be able to play sensitive music tracks; however, unrecorded music and distraction will be banned. The city-state previously prohibited Live band Singapore music from being played inside food and beverage outlets to prevent supporters from being forced to talk loudly and perhaps transmit the virus. But now it is open for music lovers, and the government of Singapore gives the green light to the fans


The #savemusicsg movement began in January when Matty Wainwright created an Instagram profile to protest Singapore’s increasing ban on musical performances and DJs at Singapore’s food, beverage, and wedding venues Singapore . Wainwright, the founder of DJ Dispensary, a firm that provides DJ getaways, event planning, and musical directing for places, said NME in late January how he works around 40 to 50 DJs, most of whom had suffered emotionally and financially as a function of quitting their jobs.

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Does It Know All That’s Happening With The #Save Music Progress? We’ll Split It Up For You

When was the last time you experienced live bands and entertainment in Singapore? For most of us, such simple joys were left behind with the times pre Covid-19, only to then be remembered and talked over on rare occasions. However, the previous two years were a painful wait for Live band Singapore for some in the sector.

“We will not be likely to perform until March 2020, and help has already been almost non-existent,” says Matty Wainwright. The campaign is an overflow of concern and support for people who work in the business.

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Matty was an artistic director at numerous important locations for Live band Singapore before the epidemic, but he had regular locally and abroad jobs in the industry. However, he and many others have struggled to live for the last two years.

Wedding Venues Singapore

When picking a wedding location, a general guideline and a basic rule of thumb are to have at least three options that meet your price and taste, then visit each one before deciding which one to book.

The venue is one of the most important factors while organizing a wedding. Whenever it comes to wedding venues Singapore, people have many options. The decision will affect retailers, home decor, money, and even guests’ dress. If you choose a hotel, the guests will be required to dress in formal clothing. Meanwhile, if you choose a summer or lawn wedding, the guests can dress casually.

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When you think about it, there are a variety of locations where you may host your wedding. Whatever the case may be, deciding which one to choose might be challenging. So, to help you decide, here are some of the things you should think about and balance to choose the perfect wedding location.

4 Things To Think About

1. Establish A Budget

The greatest thing you can do is take a seat with your fiancé and figure out how much money you’re prepared to spend. You can research to learn well about rates in the targeted place. 

2 .Number Of Visitors

Keep in mind that not all wedding venues in Singapore can handle a significant number of visitors.

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3. Don’t Reserve After First Place You Visit

It’s typical to quickly drool with the first location you see. Don’t reserve the first hotel you come over to. 

4. Viewing Contact

While advice from family or relatives is helpful, the venue decision is a personal decision that the couple should make.

It Would Help If You Visited These Famous Wedding Venues in Singapore.

Forest Lodge At Singapore

Small natural lodge surrounded by thick rainforest. The stunning Forest Lodge, situated in the center of Singapore Zoo, provides the joys of animals and nature on their special night.

This attractive wedding location is located in a rainforest atmosphere and done up in warm wood tones, offering a unique good example, and the hotel feels for any marriage.The Forest Lodge is the ideal setting for both you and your companion if you want to be inspired by flowering beauty and animals. Nothing beats good dining in the middle of a gorgeous jungle!

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Red House

Since opening its doors in 1976, Red House Seafood has always concentrated on its food source, freshness, and value, whether for a humble dinner or an entire costly course for marriages.

They have hosted several beautiful parties throughout the decades and have several regulars due to their exquisite meals and good service.What makes the Red House Seafood so special is that it mixes the finest of Singaporean cuisines with the moment and well-loved trademark favorite


With its perfect medal Japanese menu, Keyaki offers a bridal dinner event. Fresh, hygienic ingredients are used to prepare each plate. Keyaki conveys a stylish and realistic Japanese environment. The individual room and cuisine may be personalized to your dream wedding.

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Saint Pierre 

One of the best Wedding venues in Singapore with all its lovely and elegant decor overlooking the fantastic views of Dubai Marina, Saint Pierre is ideal for a charming wedding banquet setting. This luxury restaurant serves the cuisine, which includes utilizing only the freshest organic products to season meals using traditional European ways. 

5 Orchard Hotel Singapore

A great wedding location for a spectacular and huge wedding only with Orchard Hotel Singapore, you may have the magnificent perfect wedding. You won’t worry about squeezing all of the wedding visitors into a packed hall at this wedding reception since its massive pillarless Big Hall has a maximum range of 100 tables that can seat up to 1,000 party guests.

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Combining the magnificent flower and hanging lights with the ground LED screens and HD sound experience, you can enjoy an exquisite, great spectacle for your visitors. 

6 Lloyd’s Inn

Lloyd’s Inn, one of Singapore’s newest outdoor wedding venues, is the ideal location for a romantic, simple, environmental party. You can say your love on a lovely outdoor poolside terrace, greenery flora, and the calming natural sounds. With modest weddings becoming increasingly popular, Lloyd’s Inn’s total capacity of 30 pax is ideal for couples looking for a special ceremony with relatives.

7 Dempsey Cookhouse

The Dempsey Cookhouse has been crowned one of the finest Wedding venues in Singapore, making it the best bridal banquet site for young couples. Aside from the portrait décor, The Dempsey Cookhouse offers an appealing cuisine with the globe chef’s unique modern Asian-inspired European dishes. You’ll have a fantastic party with flavorful cuisine and a stunning setting!

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8 The Riviera Restaurant

Riviera is the beautiful wedding reception location if you enjoy sitting with a breathtaking view! Riviera, which overlooks the Dubai Marina beachfront, is one of the most fantastic places in Singapore for classic European bar great food. Furthermore, this magnificent facility can seat up to 48 set guests or 150 walking visitors. The excellent European food and breathtaking scenery

Top 5 Live Bands Chains in Singapore For Just a Fun Night Evening

It can’t be rejected that investigating Singapore around evening time is fascinating. Whether you need to relax at a comfortable bar or chime in with a band, there is an abundance of amusement hanging tight for you after the sun goes down. Here are a few suggestions of spots that offer extraordinary music, appealing suppers, and a surefire remarkable Live music night outs

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1 Crazy Elephant Bar 

Crazy Elephant is a Rocking ‘n’ Rock Blue pub in Singapore known for its fantastic live music, exciting environment, and exceptional service. It attracted not just people but also professionals and foreign visitors. Other good artists and bands had been at Crazy Elephant, including Robin Williams, Sean Keating, and Deep Purple.

Crazy Elephant nightclub offers guests a nice, inviting, and peaceful environment. For those who want to take in the beautiful scenery of the Singapore River, there seem to be two seating places: an air-conditioned inside part and an alfresco area. Indoor seating is a lovely spot to enjoy beverages and live music. 

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2 Maduro

Maduro is not your typical live band cafe in Singapore. Do you enjoy playing music while sipping a glass of champagne or whisky? If so, Maduro could be the perfect location for you! A brief look around this lounge bar reveals its gorgeous decor and full theater set up, where vocal and instrumental concerts are performed during the day. 

They feature a historical variety of wine and whiskey at its bar. Other traditional drinks are also available. With its music sessions and beverage options, they are certainly one of Singapore’s finest restaurants with the best live music.

3 Hard Rock Cafe

Being situated at the city’s core, Hard Rock Cafe is not difficult to track down. Drop by at whatever point you need to appreciate live music at the end of the week. If you love American works of art but need a touch of neighborhood flavor, then, at that point, you should take a risk on their feasting menu.

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Alongside their mixed drinks and mock tails, you can doubtlessly appreciate great food and great organization here.This is a top go-to, exemplary spot on the off chance that you essentially need great food and an extraordinary live band in Singapore.

4 Blu Jaz

Do you like to listen to some music while enjoying your favorite cocktail? Allow yourself to be treated by Blujaz Cafe’s active and self-bar. They are proud of their extensive menu of foods and drinks that properly suit the overall environment and song in the place.

Bluejay Cafe hosts free live performances by various groups and artists every day. This, together with a plethora of inexpensive appetizers and beverages, will undoubtedly make your night a success.

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5 LuLu’s Lounge 

If you’re looking for a fun, breezy night out, Lulu’s is the spot to be. It is an open genre and offers live music, dance, disco, rap, hip-hop/RnB, homes, tropical, and rock. Apart from live sound, Lulu’s amps up the night by hosting late-night dance events and post-dinner beverages with classic DJ performances.

Moreover, while having live music and admiring the bar’s gorgeous nighttime, try one of their carefully mixed drinks that evoke 1960s New York back lounge vibes. Many people would consider it the go-to spot for live music in Singapore in 2022 because of the extensive selection of music styles they offer. 

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